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Noorlander groep

The strength of a family business

Doing business at the highest level. It is the trademark of Noorlander Groep, a family of persons and businesses sharing a single philosophy. In all our companies you will find that hospitality, reliability, loyalty and quality are the main building blocks.


In 1952, Mr Gerrit Noorlander formed a new company and named it after himself, Noorlander Bouw, thereby creating the basis of what would ultimately become today’s Noorlander Groep. In the initial decades, Noorlander Bouw mainly gained a reputation by building large-scale residential projects in the Dutch town of Leiden and surroundings.

It was not until the seventies that Noorlander Groep truly became a household name, thanks to the acquisition of Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in the town of Noordwijk.

The descendents of founder Heinrich Tappenbeck failed to reach agreement on how to continue the then Hotel Huis ter Duin. The building was sold and resold and ultimately ended up under the management of a company that intended to take the hotel down for the realisation of a large-scale development project of new apartments.

“Most certainly not!” the Noordwijk municipal council said in a moment of noble wisdom. The destruction of Huis ter Duin would permanently damage the character of Noordwijk.

The members of the municipal council resolutely rejected the plans. Disappointed by this decision, the relevant company put the hotel up for sale again.

Noorlander Groep became the new owners, who did not shy away from making the necessary improvements to the hotel. The very soul and appearance of Hotel ter Duin were literally and figuratively preserved.

In 1984, the hotel was officially reopened by Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet.


The enormous extension of operations after the takeover of the hotel and the start of the exploitation thereof shaped Noorlander Groep and made it unique. The various hotel and congress buildings, restaurants and outlets that were added to the portfolio of property management staff demanded more attention than managing your average office building. Suddenly, terms such as maintenance, sustainability, quality and continuity had a completely new meaning.

Employees of the construction & realisation units too saw themselves faced with an enormous challenge. Whereas previously they were used to delivering a home or building as a shell, now a full turnkey delivery was expected after each minor refurbishment or major renovation. It is that high level of finish and quality that is in fact only demanded by hotels operating at the far end of the market.

Four decades on, the third generation of Noorlander is still responsible for one the most renowned hotels in the Netherlands and owner of a family of businesses. And that sense of service can still be felt in everything the name Noorlander is affiliated to. It creates unprecedented added value.