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Our industry is in continuous development. The building techniques, building methods, building processes, materials and resources become increasingly more sophisticated. Yet at the same time offering the correct price/quality ratio continues to be of paramount importance.

A construction company such as ours can only survive if it has the correct knowledge and expertise throughout the subject area of implementation and construction. And that has exactly been our passion for the last three generations and what has made this family business what it is today.

And we are keen to deploy this expertise to improve the quality of the building process. Since at least 80% of building costs are determined in the design phase and because the design and implementation processes affect each other, we like to become involved at an early stage, e.g. by participating in a building team, in order to provide the designers with a greater insight into the feasibility and expected building costs of the design.

We also like to think along about alternatives in order to lower the building costs and shorten the construction period. In addition, we aim to reduce the functional division between the architect and the contractor to a minimum. We are already doing this successfully for our own development sector, but would of course like to do the same for you!

We combine traditional craftsmanship with modern building techniques and building systems such as BIM and have a proven track-record of extreme efficiency and flexibility. Hence we are able to build for our development sector, maintain all the property for our property arm and at the same time realise new construction projects for third parties. We also perform specialist renovation work and entire turnkey projects, with a proud track record that includes Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, Restaurant Copper Food & Drinks and Breakers Beach House.

If we can make a difference for you or if you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.