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The core of Facility Management is the integral management, planning, realisation and management of accommodation, services, resources and safety at both a strategic and practical level.

The proper organisation thereof will help you realise your organisational objectives efficiently and effectively, reduce costs and ultimately result in increased customer-satisfaction. Conclusion; “the best possible utilisation of the main operations of your organisation”.

Noorlander Facility Management B.V. is the youngest in our family of businesses and was incorporated with the aim of bundling the strengths within our companies. Within Noorlander Groep, Facility Management has been fully implemented in order to organise efforts an resources in accordance with the lean & mean concept.

This produces a flexible organisation, without fragmentation and duplication. The experience which we have gained with Facility Management provides for enormous expertise in this field at the highest level, as you can expect from us.

Our method and approach and the field within which we operate literally have no boundaries and are unique in the Netherlands. Here too our personal involvement and interaction between the different family members make the difference.

We are passionate about service and have an eye for detail. Combine this with the services of our Property Management and you are guaranteed to enjoy a carefree future in terms of property.

Our Facility Management services do not just suit parties with major property portfolios. Private residential homes too are entrusted to our care. This way Noorlander Facility Management provides permanent support that will provide both entrepreneurs and private individuals with a full living or working service package.

Our organisation is based on the following main pillars: