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Everyone designs or draws something one time or another. Designing therefore comes in many different shapes and forms and it is a terrific way to give shape to a dream or idea. With a view to the complexity involved, developing an actual building on the basis of a design requires a high level of creativity, combined with a healthy dose of technical skills. Many aspects with a direct relation to the functional and technical properties of the building play a role. Examples include the structure, systems, accessibility, appearance, building costs, time for completion, life span and the ultimate operating costs. And at the same time you want to be future-oriented in your construction by being green and sustainable and by taking into account the fact that everything you build has an impact on future generations. A building or project is only successful when all these aspects are in perfect harmony. You would nearly say “mission impossible”! Unless, like us, you have access to the right expertise on all fronts.
We are a true family business with no fewer than three generations of experience and expertise. This creates a highly critical representation of designers, builders and future users. And it is how plans are optimised from every perspective. The various members of the family, each with their own expertise, are closely involved in all facets of the project development phase until construction and actively think along with the end-user in all phases. Part of our family is working in the hotel business and can tell you all about the ingredients that are needed to, on the one hand, feel at home as an individual and, on the other, to be able to work pleasantly and efficiently as a professional. We are, therefore, able to gear a structure to the concept of its designated use in as early as the initial design.

“Your successful business or living experience is of paramount importance to us.”

In addition, other than a traditional developer, we are known not to automatically build whatever is drawn. After all, we have an advanced insight into the requirements for a smooth-running business or the necessities to make your stay a pleasant one. Furthermore, we are continuously engaged in developing new ideas and experiences and are keen to apply that newly gained knowledge to the benefit of our projects.

Are you thinking about expanding business options for your premises or developing new user concepts for your company? Or have you seen a great location somewhere? Subsequently, you are asking yourself what the technical possibilities are, what it will look like and whether the operation is feasible.

When you start doing business with Noorlander Project Development, you will notice the synergy between the different family members, enabling them to combine technical knowledge, expertise and commitment. These unique properties are a breath of fresh air when developing property for commercial customers and partners, as well as for private individuals.