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We will be able to provide you with an objective and uniform picture of the physical quality of the structural elements of your home or building(s) by means of a structural condition assessment in accordance with NEN 2767. A uniform picture is formed as we describe structural elements and system parts when inspecting structures. The collection of different parts and elements, which are classed under the same process, are included in a so-called Standard List of Elements.

These elements are formed on the basis of the following characteristics:
the same function, e.g. structure, finishes, equipment etc.,
the same process, e.g. sites, substructure, envelope, etc. or
the same Buildings Decree pillar, e.g. safety, practicability etc.

You will receive a report in the order of this list in which, in addition to illustrations and a brief description of the faults, the scope and the seriousness of the faults are stated. We will also attach a score per part. In addition to mapping out the actual maintenance condition of your building, in consultation with you, we can decide on the desired maintenance condition of your home or building and set priorities.

We will advise you on the basis of your business interests, or visual and quality requirements, as to which parts need to be addressed first and what the best order would be.